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CIC: Community Integration and Cohesion


About the project:


The aim of the Community Integration and Cohesion project (C.I.C) is to produce a training product (DVD plus tutor and trainee workbooks) that will confront fears, celebrate diversity and promote social integration and cohesion amongst adult learners. The project aims to adapt an innovative DVD produced by Merseyside Expanding Horizons, for use in other target countries.


This will be done by examining the relevance of the case studies, translating those most relevant, adding additional case studies and producing course material/workbook to accompany the DVD. The objectives of the project are:


  • To learn about and share experiences of tackling community integration and cohesion amongst partners.
  • To develop curriculum and learning materials which will include the innovative DVD featuring case studies from a variety of diverse groups and individuals.
  • To ensure that the curriculum, learning materials and DVD are adapted to reflect the situation in partners country.
  • To develop and test the curriculum, learning materials and DVD, in close co-operation with the target group, in an iterative development process.




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