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COMMUNITY CARE: Community Care Approach: A Strategy for Social Inclusion


About the project:


Community Care is an international pilot project devoted to develop a community oriented curriculum for training field practice teachers of social work educational programs. Our curriculum philosophy is based on community care approach which can be characterised by three notions: community, inclusion and empowerment.


Our project targets field practice teachers who work at social services which provide services mainly for members and families of excluded social groups affected by unemployment, poverty, racial discrimination, low educational attainment, isolation from institutions and social networks. This type of social work involves assessing community needs and resources, making connections between socially excluded groups and local institutions, strengthening inclusion mechanisms, and empowering the excluded groups.


Our new training design improves field practice teachers' competence to cope with problems that stem from social exclusion and to provide more adequate mentoring and guidance for students in field placement. This program is also a form of continuous vocational training for our field practice teachers.




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