2018-2020 ERASMUS+

KA2 Strategic Partnership in Adult Education Project


Com ON:


Unleash your potential for (audio)visual Communication


Com ON project is a strategic partnership on adult education, focused on developing an innovative training programme in the field of (audio)visual narrative and communication. The project seeks to create an on line programme that, supported by open educational resources (OERs) and an andragogy-based and peer-learning approach, will offer European adults the opportunity to improve their competences to understand, create and share (audio)visual messages and stories.


The ability to understand, in a critical and informed way, as well as to express oneself and share audiovisual messages, is directly related to media literacy and the ability to actively participate in the digital world. Thanks to the development of the Training program on (audio)visual narrative and communication, the project providing adults with a training offer that will allow them to improve their skills and deploy them in virtual environments, clearly promoting their digital socialization.


The project contribute to Open education and innovative practices in a digital era, as the development of the Com ON project is planned to seize the potential of Open Educational Resources and collaborative on line learning approaches. The training programme is created in a form that all the content will be made available for any interested party for use, re-use and sharing it.


More: >> http://www.comon-project.eu/



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