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The Company


Most of the EURO-training`s activities are connected with empowering of the different disadvantaged groups with appropriate knowledge and skills for successful placement in the labor market and this way contribute for their social inclusion.


Those we do developing and providing of different training activities and actions for training and improving their civic and social skills and competences based on blended and e-learning. Our efforts are connected to promote tolerance, accepting the differences, respect to interculturality, active citizenship.


We work with different target groups of young and adult people – students, migrants, people with mental disorders and other kind of disabilities and difficulties, people with learning difficulties, people at risk, social excluded people. For them they are developing different training materials, tools and methodologies for improving skills and competences and promoting their employability and inclusion in the labour market.


EURO-training has many years’ experience in organizing various training events: seminars, workshops, study visits, conferences and other educational and dissemination activities at national and international levels, initiating, developing and implementing different European projects.












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