Career without Barrier


The Starting Point of the project deals with the fact that many buildings, institutions and workplaces in Europe are not accessible and people with disabilities are not able to move and orientate there. In many cases they are excluded from information and workplaces.


Through legislation and regulations companies get under increased pressure to face up to accessibility. But the problem is that there are no manageable instruments and primarily no trained experts in accessibility available for the time being.


The project is based on the idea to provide a service to SMEs in the future which offers them the possibility to let their buildings and primarily their workplaces be evaluated regarding to their accessibility. This service should be carried out by so called accessibility experts together with usability auditors. usability auditors will be people with disabilities, who will act as personally affected experts who are able to identify and describe existing barriers and the lack of accessibility in accordance to their needs and expectations.


The accessibility experts will act as coordinators, who will organize the whole evaluation-process, bring in their expert knowledge and are responsible for the systematic assignment of the usability auditors.



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