Fish in a Euro Box




Fish in a Euro Box is a two years project Funded By the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Strand of the EU Lifelong Learning Project.


The Fish in a Euro Box project will develop and adapt an innovative practice, Fish in a Box into a written and visual training product for use in other countries and with other groups at risk of exclusion. Currently, Wicked Fish uses Fish in a Box to support people who have learning difficulties. The practice utilises core personal learning and thinking skills, group ownership, and the use of visual, tactile and aural stimulation rather than written information, thus rendering it much more accessible.


Fish in a Box provides innovative material to facilitate personal development and raise competence levels of people at risk of exclusion. Our aim is to develop Fish in a Box by sharing experiences amongst partners who are supporting different groups at risk of exclusion, by adding material appropriate to that group and by ensuring that the curriculum, learning materials and DVD are adapted by each partner to reflect the situation for their own group at risk of exclusion within their own country.



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