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LEAD-IN: Mentoring for Adult education Leaders: Skills to Promote Participation, Gender Balance, Inclusion


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To be able to achieve the ET2020 benchmark of 15% for adult participation in lifelong learning, one of the strategies should be improving the skills of those who have the ability to influence participation: formal and non-formal adult education leaders.

Higher participation will be achieved also by attracting those who are underrepresented and by improving access.  Eurostat data on participation in adult education, with female participation above the EU average and male participation below the EU average, correlate with the early school leavers data where the male/female proportion is reverse.


Thus, the aim of the project is to improve the skills of adult education leaders to lead in other people into the world of non-formal learning.  The chosen method is mentoring (blended learning approach, meetings plus social network-based e-mentoring).  Special focus of Lead-In project is to understand and learn strategies for increasing participation of men in adult education.


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