2021-2022 ERASMUS+ KA227 ADU project

Partnership for creativity




Methodological Approach for Real Social Effects in Adult Education


Considering the crises in European history, the strengths and weaknesses of societies, international relations, managerial skills, and organizational approaches of individuals; Risk action plans can be made. This preparation will cause the crises to disappear with minimal damage. It is imperative that the administration should support the society by increasing the quality of life and education level of the adult people.


The project aims to help reduce the contradictory emotional states such as violence, anger, despair, panic, uncontrolled, disengagement created by individuals in crisis, to help individuals contribute to produce different competencies and to improve their literacy skills in terms of digital, health, information and economy by creating adult education modules which intend to guide adult educators and create good practices for LTT activities.


A methodology complying with the project rules and objectives has been developed by critical reflection, active learning, digital database, creative workshop applications and using the systems that we have used and approved their quality in previous works.


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