2007-2009 Grundtvig PROJECT




Action for Multimedia Education toward Dialogue and Intercultural Agreement


Moving abroad means meet a different culture, a different bureaucracy, and often expectations we build before leaving don't correspond to reality. If we consider, in addition, that we have to train ourselves speaking using another language, different from our mother tongue, and that often we don't have relatives or friends living on the destination country in case of need… we understand that everything becomes more difficult.


However, if we prepare ourselves before leaving about what we are going to encounter, living abroad may become the most exciting adventure in your life!


M.E.D.I.A.ction project, an initiative born with the commitment of 7 European Countries and realized with the support of Lifelong Learning Programme - sub program Grundtvig - of the European Union, wants to fill just this lack of information, asking to European citizens - just like you - to "show" how to live in a different Country. You'll be free to tell your personal adventure through videos and narration, but also with filling one or more "professional profiles", that will help workers to understand how to spend their expertise in a different job market.



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