2013-2015 LLP GRUNDTVIG partnership project




Sustainable Education in Nature


This project provides new international opportunities for staff and adult learners on the theme of outdoor learning for children. For adult education, Forest Schools offer a truly accessible way to attract learners, and quickly include them as active participants, not just passive receivers of information.


Adults with limited education and/or those who are disadvantaged, can find value and interest in the countryside, especially if asked to support children’s learning. This can be the vital gateway that engages adult learners, and brings them into contact with the world of Adult Education.


The project includes many vulnerable social groups including older adults with few or no formal qualifications, those living in rural areas with high levels of poverty. Along with this clear and specific plans will be constructed to actively involve adult learners in all aspects of this project. They will be supported and encouraged to be part of the “SEIN Group” both at a local level and for transnational mobilities.


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